Who's it for?

​This iron is designed for Show Jumping Competitors of all levels.

What makes them different?

  • Lift them up and you'll see!  The ErgoJumper is made from extremely lightweight aluminum metal, they won't hold you down!
  • ErgoJumper footrests are angled downwards, to assist with maximum heel-down leg positioning, improving balance and stability over jumps.

Variation available - upgrade to ourErgoGrandPrix!!

With a more aggressive footrest, maximum balance and grip, and two additional settings of adjustability, these irons won't let you down!  A.k.a. - Sharn Wordley's strange stirrups!

Ergoirons English Riding Irons


When every ounce matters! This is our lightest weight design.  All the benefits of Ergo design, in a variety of aluminum finishes. Don't let extra weight hold you down!


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